Snoop Dogg Calls Out EA Games Over Server Outage: 'I'm Gettin’ Me a Soulja Boy Console'

The rapper shared the message in a social media video this weekend, telling EA Games to fix the problem as soon as possible or lose him as a customer.

Snoop and Soulja

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Snoop and Soulja

Snoop Dogg issued a warning to EA Games this weekend: Fix your servers or lose a customer.

The West Coast rapper/avid gamer sent the message following EA’s recent server outage. He told the company they had half an hour to resolve the problem and then threatened to switch over to Soulja Boy’s gaming console.

“EA, you n***as got 30 minutes to get them servers back on. If y’all don’t, I’m switching to Soulja Boy…  gettin’ me a Soulja Boy console,” he said in an Instagram video. “I know that n***a got some games on that muthafucker that work. Soulja Boy, hit your uncle up. Draco, you got Madden on your shit? ’Cause EA playing games … I done been hit by a thousand n***as … saying they want to play. What the fuck, man? Get it together. Get right, or get left. Soulja Boy, get Madden on your shit.”

Soulja Boy, of course, reshared the clip on his Instagram account along with the caption: “Tell em unk.”

Soulja announced the launch of the SouljaGame console and a handheld at the end of 2018. The systems, manufactured by Anbernic, originally sold on the rapper’s SouljaWatch online store for $150 and $100, respectively. The console had 800 built-in games while the handheld came with 3,000, according to Polygon. Each also had access to PlayStation, NeoGeo, PC, SEGA, Game Boy Advance, and NES games.

About a month after the launch, Soulja announced he had pulled the emulators following questions over their legality. 

“Honestly, I feel that everything is 100% legit and there will be no reason for any legal ramifications or anything like that,” Soulja told Rolling Stone at the time. “Honestly, I don’t have any worries at all, any concerns, because everything we’re doing is legit. It’s been researched. Everything has been basically confirmed that it’s a green light and we’re good. It’s partly the people from the outside looking in, that aren’t understanding the type of deals that were made behind the scenes that are worried.”

But it seems SouljaGame isn’t dead yet. It was about a week ago when Soulja hinted at new consoles with a tweet that simply read “Coming soon @SouljaGame.” 

The SouljaGame Instagram account also features videos and photos of a new console, which may look very familiar to XBOX users. 

It's unclear when the new SouljaGame system will arrive. Stay tuned as more details become available.

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