OnlyFans Responds to Being Name-Dropped by Beyoncé on Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage" Remix

The Grammy-winning singer mentioned the platform in her much-talked about verse on Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage" remix.


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Megan Thee Stallion joined forces with Beyoncé on Wednesday to deliver the official remix for "Savage." And, yes, it was just as epic as it sounds.

Queen Bey took over the track, delivering multiple rap verses with plenty of memorable lines. But the most-talked about lyrics came in the second verse, when she referenced OnlyFans—a popular subscription-based platform known for amateur porn content.

"Hips TikTok when I dance/On that Demon Time, she might start an OnlyFans (OnlyFans)," Bey raps.

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Hours after the song was released, OnlyFans responded to the name-drop in a statement to Rolling Stone: "Beyoncé, and any artist, are welcome to join OnlyFans at any time to foster a deeper connection with their fans," the company wrote.

OnlyFans has reportedly experienced an uptick in both posts and sign-ups during the coronavirus pandemic. Daily Beast's Blake Montgomery reported the platform had 3.5 million new signups in March, 60,000 of which were from new creators.

OnlyFans reporting 3.5 million new signups in March, 60,000 of them new creators, per an email from the company. In the first two weeks of March alone that was a 75% increase from the normal level.

— Blake Montgomery (@blakersdozen) March 31, 2020

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