It Turns Out 6ix9ine's "FEFE" Beat Was Originally Sent to Drake

Murda Beatz revealed this detail during a recent interview on 'No Jumper.'

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6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj's "FEFE" was an unexpected collaboration that turned out to be a massive success, securing the rappers a top 5 entry on the Hot 100 as well as a triple platinum certification. And to think, the beat was originally intended for someone else—someone who could've possibly made it an even bigger hit.

During a recent interview on No Jumper, "FEFE" co-producer Murda Beatz revealed he had first sent the beat to Drake

"I made the beat in the LA in my kitchen—on my kitchen table—and I thought it was, like, an anthem for Drake," Murda told host Adam22. "I sent it to Drake, got no response. I was, like, 'Alright.'"

Murda, who co-produced "FEFE" alongside Cubeatz, said a friend had suggested he play the beat for 6ix9ine. The producer admitted he "wasn't really a fan of" the rapper's work at the time, but figured he had nothing to lose.

"I'm like, 'Alright, I’ll just do it. Fuck it, have him pull up, whatever. It'll definitely be an experience. I don't know what the fucks gonna happen,'" the producer recalled. "Then he pulled up, and then that's one of the beats he was fucking with. We made 'FEFE' that night. And then Nicki really fucks with me, so then she somehow got on it ... She felt like I was co-signing 6ix9ine so she got on the record. And that shit went huge ... No one expected for that song to get that big."

Murda credited "FEFE's" success to 6ix9ine's social media promotion, and the buzz he generated by posting snippets on Instagram.

You can check out the full No Jumper interview above. Murda also discusses music leaks, his upcoming tour with ASAP Ferg and MadeinTYO, as well as the projects he's currently working on. 

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