Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump, Smokepurpp, and 03 Greedo Connect on Desto Dubb's "Bankteller"

Desto shared the new record, produced by Fizzle, on Soundcloud with a caption calling for Pump and Greedo's release.

Desto Dubb "Bankteller"

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Desto Dubb "Bankteller"

West Coast rapper Desto Dubb has unleashed his new single "Bankteller," featuring Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump, 03 Greedo, and Smokepurpp.

Dubb teased the release just an hour before he dropped it, telling his Twitter followers that he had something special up his sleeve. 

got quite the surprise for y'all today.....#freemyhomies

— DESTO Dubb (@DESTODUBBB) September 25, 2018

The "#freemyhomies" hashtag was in reference to Pump and Greedo's current incarcerations. The former was placed behind bars several weeks ago for a parole violation; and the latter was locked up in late June on drug- and weapons-related charges.

"We made this song on Greedo's last day free, the night before he turned himself in," Fizzle told Complex. "Greedo and Pump were first meeting and made, like, five songs that night, and ('Bankteller') was probably the second or third one. Greedo then invited Uzi, and Uzi was like, 'They're all fire. Just tell me which one to hop on.'"

Fizzle continued: "I wanna shout out Dubb and Greedo for putting the pieces together."

"Bankteller's" cover art, created by Riley Savage, features animated versions of all five rappers, with Pump and Greedo donning orange inmate uniforms, and the other three rocking hoodies that read: "That's an awful lot of cough syrup," a nod to Dubb's 2017 track.

You can listen to the Thank You Fizzle-produced track below via SoundCloud.

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