On Monday evening, Lil Pump took to his Instagram account to inform fans that he'll probably be locked up for a few months for violating his probation. Though the message was light on details, the specific legal infraction he's referring to occurred a few days back when he was caught driving without a valid license, which his lawyers said came about after he was racially profiled.

As you can see from his IG clip, his message to followers/fans was straight to the point:

"Y'all seen what happened in Miami," Pump says in the clip. "I got arrested... I'm on probation in LA. I violated my PO, so I've got to go in and do a couple months. I've got some crazy ass shit dropping while in there." He didn't state anymore than that though one would think further details, if he is indeed going to jail, will eventually surface.

Stay tuned as more information rolls in about Pump's possible jail stint, as well as new music from the rapper.