Watch Drake Call 21 Savage ‘Pride of London’ in Exclusive 'Her Loss' Promo Clip

The rappers dropped the parody interview clips on Wednesday, as they prepare to release their much-anticipated joint studio album, 'Her Loss.'

21 Savage believes he might the greatest rapper from London. And Drake seemingly agrees.

The two addressed the topic in a recent interview posted on Instagram. In the promo video for their upcoming project Her Loss, 21 and Drizzy are asked if they “feel any affiliation” with the countries they were born in. Though Toronto native Drake didn’t have to say much, as he’s consistently shown love to The 6, London-born 21 said his diverse background helped him relate to a lot of cultures.

“I was born in London, but all my family migrated from the West Indies and shit, so it’s like I’m damn near, like, gumbo when it comes to culture,” he said. “… I might be the greatest rapper from my country, too, though.”

“You know a lot of people say that, right?” Drake interjected. “A lot of people are like, ‘Yo, you’re the pride of London.”

Drake then teased a potential live show in London’s O2 arena.

“That has to happen,” he continued. “That’s gonna be some real homecoming shit. I’m excited for that.”

The two also posted clips in which Drake discussed his preferred style of porn.

“Highest tier of top-givers,” he revealed. “That’s really what I’m consistently, like, on a daily basis tuned into. Those are the real super stars of the world to me.”

They then were pressed about love, and whether they could commit to monogamy. Drake said enjoys the dating life, but could see himself settling down with one woman some day.

“Eventually, once this is all said and done for us and that addiction of work and success and forward movement is over, I feel like we’re all gonna need something real,” he said. “Hopefully it’s not too late … Right now, I get in this habit to date four or five women to make one woman … Hopefully I’ll find somebody.”

Drake and 21 also discuss the latter’s love for books. The OVO rapper revealed 21 will be in the strip club or backstage at a show, and he’ll pull out a book.

Charlotte’s Web, Harry Potter, too—all of them,” 21 said. “Sorcerer’s Stone, motherfucker.”

You can check out the clips above and below.


In addition, Drake and 21 Savage revealed the cover artwork. Her Loss is set to drop this Friday.


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