Ari Lennox Had the Perfect Response to Snoop Dogg's Comments About Her Hair

The Dreamville songstress has a great sense of humor.

Ari Lennox

Image via Getty/David Livingston

Ari Lennox

Snoop Dogg may think twice before he gives unsolicited hair advice to another woman.

On Wednesday, the West Coast legend responded to Ari Lennox's recent Instagram Live broadcast, in which she was struggling with her lace front. 

"So I guess I gotta cut more lace?" she said during the stream before a viewer suggested she get a wig cap. "Where am I supposed—WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO GET A WIG CAP?"

After the Shade Room posted a clip of the amusing moment on Instagram, Snoop decided to weigh in on Lennox's hairstyle choices. And it wasn't complimentary.

"Grow your own hair," he commented. "What happened to those days?"

Many users blasted Snoop for having the nerve to tell a woman what she should or shouldn't do with her hair. Some commenters called his advice demeaning, uninformed, and downright sexist. But Lennox's response? Well, let's just say she hasn't lost her sense of humor.

The singer posted an old photo of Snoop dressed as his white man alter ego "Todd." 

"Uncle I just...I just thought we had an understanding..." Lennox captioned the photo of Snoop rocking a blond wig and full face of makeup.

As it stands now, Lennox is clearly winning this exchange.

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