50 Cent Is Convinced 6ix9ine Will Still Have Success Despite Breaking Street Code

Fif says he believes Middle America will justify 6ix9ine's cooperation with the feds, and will continue to buy his records.

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50 Cent is confident 6ix9ine will continue to sell records following his release from prison.

The hip-hop mogul explained his stance during a recent appearance on The Angie Martinez Show. At around the 55:40-minute mark, the titular host suggested 6ix9ine may lose support due to his cooperation with the feds. Fif dismissed this idea, saying "street opinions" would not squash 6ix9ine's success.

"Nothing's going to stop him from selling records," Fif said, adding that certain fans will understand why the rapper testified against his co-defendants. "... Middle America has kids that understand that you didn't support people who were gonna hurt your mom—that you didn't support people who were gonna actually hurt you. They understand that."

Angie pointed out that many kids in Middle America take cues from the streets in an attempt to feel connected to the culture; she questioned whether this could lead some fans to shed their support fo 6ix9ine. 

"They do try to understand the street and the energy that goes on it and all the terminologies and all that stuff," 50 responded. "But they do understand that part, Ang. Was [6ix9ine] supposed to keep it real and do 40 years for the dudes who were gonna do something to [his] mother and they was actually plotting to really hurt [him]?"

Fif also said 6ix9ine was backed by a very influential player in the game. The 23-year-old rapper resigned to his old record label 10K Projects in 2019, as he awaited sentencing for federal racketeering charges. 10k Projects was founded by Elliot Grainge, son of Universal Music Group CEO Lucian Grainge.

"Do you know who's behind Tekashi?" 50 asked Angie.

"What's his name's son," Angie replied.

"Lucian. Is it his son, or is it him?" Fif said. "... That's the machine, Angie. That's the big machine."

Elsewhere in the interview, 50 claimed a record label—presumably 10K Projects—had lost six figures on a video shoot that was scheduled on one of 6ix9ine's trial dates. Fif suggested the shoot was planned for the day because 6ix9ine's team was confident he would be released.

"The day that he went to court, [the record company] lost $280,000," 50 said. "They had a full music video set up for him to shoot—full production, everything line up for him ... shoot the video for a song that he recorded. With all the energy around Tekashi being released ... every kid would've been going, 'Wait, let me hear what he said' ... The whole process didn't stop his music from being a success."

50 said he was interested in creating a scripted series based on 6ix9ine's life. The "Gummo" rapper was sentenced to two years in prison for crimes he carried out alongside other members of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. He is expected to be released this year.

Fif also spoke about the rise of East Coast rapper Pop Smoke, who was fatally shot Wednesday in his Hollywood Hills home. 50, who gave the interview prior to Pop Smoke's death, said he noticed similarities between the 20-year-old artist and himself.

"Pop ... he is 50 cent, like he's a new version of it ..." he said around the 50-minute mark. "I like his style and energy—it's not mine, it's my voice. Like if we actually talk in the same room, you will hear some of the same things, like you hear the same tones. That's why I was like, 'Nah he's not copying me.'"

You can watch 50's full interview above.

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