03 Greedo Doubles Down on 2Pac Comments: 'You Want Me to Pay Homage? I Don't Have To’

The L.A. rapper reiterates his claim that Pac wasn't an authentic artist.

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03 Greedo has doubled down on his controversial 2Pac comments.

During a recent interview with Genius’ For the Record, the Los Angeles rapper addressed the disparaging statement he made about Pac as well as the backlash that it generated. He previously told Billboard: “Tupac sucks, ni**a. Any type of East Coast, West Coast beef, ni**a's from the East Coast. He's delusional.”

Though Greedo told Genius that his words may have been taken out of context, he isn’t backing down from his claims that Pac was an “actor.”

"[Pac’s music is] tight, but it still sucks because it’s not authentic. It’s not coming from somewhere real,” he said around the 13:50 mark. “When I say, ‘I’ve been shot by who I love and told on by my family,’ that’s real shit […] All that shit is really what’s going on. These are really things I’m stressed out about in the morning—I’m shedding tears about when I’m not around people. So, you want me to pay homage? I don’t have to. Yeah, I like ‘I Ain’t Mad at Cha,’ […] I like certain songs and shit [...] But it don’t matter.

“[…] The thing is, with that interview, it’s like someone over there—whether it’s the staff or the person who was interviewing me, whoever it was—they were looking for shock value, or what my creative director calls ‘clickbait,’” he went on to say. “People from California know things about Pac that people in the music world don’t. Period. I don’t give a fuck. Let one of them Pac folks try to pull up on me, I don’t care […] he ain’t me. Don’t bring him up, period. I don’t remember him making his own beats. I don’t remember him singing. I’m doing 14 songs a night. You want to come to a session? I’ll fly you to Atlanta to see this shit. Every song is banger.”

Greedo also admitted that Lil Xan sparked this whole controversy by calling Pac “boring”; however, he claims he is the sole reason why the controversy is continuing.

“Any rapper that’s talking about 2Pac right now, it’s because of me,” he said. “Lil Xan opened the convo, but it’s because of me why they’re saying shit. They don’t want to say nothing to me. They’re chasing Lil Xan, but they don’t want to play with me.”

It's safe to say Greedo won't issue an apology anytime soon. 

You can check out Greedo's full For the Record interview above. 

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