According to a police report acquired by TMZ, Lil Xan was at a Del Taco on Thursday, in his hometown of Redlands, California, when he was suddenly encircled by a crowd of teenagers who were allegedly upset over Xan’s comments on 2Pac.

While there wasn’t an actual fight, the allegedly unfriendly environment urged Xan to flee to a neighboring YMCA. The police eventually picked him up and accompanied him to his car. However, per TMZ, the police report stated that the group was at Del Taco for a potential girl fight that was set to happen after school, so it looks like Xan was just caught up in the mix.

Xan was in his hometown for a meet-and-greet. He took to Twitter early Saturday morning to refute the report. “The police were already with me to escort me to the meet n greet and I walked there i ain’t afraid of no Lil ass kid,” he wrote.

Ironically at the meet-and-greet, Lil Xan tried to clarify his stance on Tupac to his fans.

“But for real, I gotta say something. The media twisted my words: I think 2pac is a legend. 2pac is definitely a legend,” Xan said as a fan responded, “That’s what’s up.”

Xan continued, “That’s what’s up. 2pac a legend, they just twist your words and they want you to hate me. Don’t hate me. Positivity over everything.”


#lilxan tried to clarify his stance on Tupac today at his meet n greet

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Xan has largely been criticized after he called 2pac “boring” during a Revolt video segment. A few weeks later, Waka Flocka took to Twitter to announce that Xan was “banned from hip hop.” Michael Rapaport had some strong words for Xan, too, stating that he doesn’t “get to speak on anything that has to do with hip-hop.”