Watch a Magician Give Drake and Jennifer Lopez All the Magic They Can Handle

You have to wait until 2017 for Drake's 'More Life,' but in the meantime he's on camera with J-Lo being wowed by a magician.

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Drake and Jennifer Lopez dating rumors have been circulating since J-Lo posted an Instagram picture of herself and the chart-topping rapper about two weeks ago. According to Lopez, Drake popped up at her Las Vegas residency to say hello. 

Add a new piece of visual support to the rumors, as a new video of Drake and J-Lo getting cozy has surfaced. It’s not quite on the level of David Blaine blowing away Drake, Stephen Curry, and Dave Chappelle with his magic chops. But Drizzy and Lopez took in a magic show, complete with some type of trick resembling a trust fall, and another illusion that appeared to involve Drake’s phone. Lopez resting her hand on Drake’s thigh doesn’t appear to be part of the deception. The pair were clearly surrounded by others with at least one camera rolling, so public displays of affection were limited.

Unless Drake or Lopez want to publicly comment on the matter, fans will likely have to wait for the rumored musical project they’re working on to surface. Regardless of if they make any magic together in the studio, there’s now visual proof of them being wowed by your run-of-the-mill illusionist. 

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