Bobby Shmurda Drops a Freestyle Over the Phone From Prison for Meek Mill and Trav

Listen to Bobby Shmurda drop a freestyle over the phone from jail for Meek Mill and Trav.

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Bobby Shmurda is likely going to spend some additional time in jail in the coming years as a result of a plea deal that he accepted in early February. Shmurda—who is currently serving a sentence that will run for at least six years on conspiracy and weapons possession charges—also admitted to trying to smuggle a shank into Rikers Island in 2015 and could see his prison sentence extended as a result. But despite the grim situation, it sounds like Shmurda is keeping his head held high.

Late Monday, Trav posted an Instagram video that featured Shmurda talking about how he’s doing right now during a recent phone call from jail with Trav and Meek Mill. "Man, I’m good," Shmurda said in the clip. "I’m getting big, man. I’m writing everyday. I got some shit, man."

The clip also featured Shmurda dropping a freestyle. You can listen to Shmurda speak and freestyle in the IG clip below:

Shmurda has been behind bars since 2014. And while he was able to escape serving a lengthy prison sentence after pleading guilty to the conspiracy and weapons possession charges filed against him, several of his GS9 associates haven’t been as lucky. One was sentenced to 98 years behind bars last May, while another was just given a sentence that could run for up to 130 years in January.

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