Santino Boderick, also known as Cueno, was sentenced to 117 1/2 to 130 years in prison on Wednesday. Boderick reportedly unleashed a "volley of curses" at Justice Abraham Clott just moments before the sentencing, according to Page Six. Boderick previously declined a plea deal that would have given him 15 years in September.

Boderick, an associate of Bobby Shmurda and an alleged member of GS9, reportedly told Clott to "suck my dick" prior to his sentencing. Additionally, Boderick told Clott to "fuck yourself" before asking to have himself removed from the courtroom. Clott approved the request and handed down the sentencing after Boderick's departure.

"Santino Boderick was convicted of multiple incidents involving shocking violence, and which reflected utter disregard for human life," Bridget G. Brennan, Special Narcotics Prosecutor, said in a statement obtained by XXL on Wednesday. "The sentence imposed on him today will protect the community, and appropriately punish behavior that terrorized countless innocent people."

Boderick, convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and multiple additional felonies, is the third GS9 member to be sentenced to extensive prison time for alleged "gang-related violence" that took place in 2013 and 2014. Rashid "Rasha" Derissant was hit with a 98 1/3 years to life sentence last May, while Alex Crandon—better known as A-Rod—was sentenced to 53 2/3 years just days later.

Shmurda, as previously reported, is currently serving 7 years after pleading guilty last September. Though he was initially charged with conspiracy to commit murder, TMZ reported that Shmurda's plea deal included admission of weapons possession and the dismissal of additional charges.