Bobby Shmurda's GS9 affiliate Rashid "Rasha" Derissant was slapped with a prison sentence of 98 1/3 years to life yesterday. According to a press release from the office of New York City's Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget G. Brennan, the harsh sentence stemmed from "his role in gang warfare that extended from New York City to Miami, and involved murder and multiple attempted murders between January 2013 and October 2014." Brennan went on to say that "the sentence imposed today reflects the terror that the defendant’s crimes instilled in his own community, and wherever else he engaged in wanton violence to settle scores. It also underscored the value of the lives lost and tragically damaged."

Rasha was found guilty of murder, attempted murder, and conspiracy in April alongside fellow GS9 member A-Rod. Both were involved in the February 2013 murder of an unidentified 19-year old member of rival gang BMW. As the press release notes, "Retaliatory shootings took place in New York City and Miami, where the gang members recklessly shot into crowds of innocent bystanders." Rasha was determined to be the shooter in at least one of these incidents.

This is not great news for Bobby Shmurda, who is still awaiting trail for gun and drug charges related to his 2014 arrest alongside the rest of the GS9 crew. His trial was recently postponed a second time, and is now scheduled to begin in September. Shmurda is currently suing the NYPD for false imprisonment, claiming the police illegally entered the home of his friend to make the arrest.

The whole crew's case had another big development recently when the body of GS9 affiliate Peter Martinez washed up on Manhattan Beach with its feet encased in concrete. The case has been labeled a homicide, but no arrests have been made thus far.