The Mysterious Nav Returns With New Video for "Ten Toes Down"

Mysterious rapper/producer Nav is back with the video for "Ten Toes Down."

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Mysterious Toronto rapper and producer Nav is back with a new set of visuals for his song "Ten Toes Down." "Yeah I took a couple Ls so you know I'm on the road now/Keep a badass bitch so you know I always stay ten toes down/Is you really riding girl? You know I really gotta go now/And I keep a couple hitters with me, know I gotta stay ten toes down," he sings, before launching into sing-song verses about his girl. The clip is a moody affair, featuring long shots of sneakers, emotionless people staring into the camera, and a shadowy figure sitting on the hood of a Jeep.

Despite his burgeoning SoundCloud popularity, Nav is still a bit of a mystery. He came seemingly out of nowhere to snag a major collaboration with the likes of Metro Boomin and get big co-signs from Post Malone and Kylie Jenner. Recent rumors suggest that he might be affiliated with The Weeknd's XO. As Made in Toronto points out, on his song "Up," he sneakily references the label, saying “See the X’s and the O’s and now she wanna kiss and hug.” He's also promoted YCFU, which is the clothing brand of The Weeknd's manager Cash.

That, and Weeknd shared the video on Twitter:

Nothing about Nav has really been confirmed yet, but as he gains prominence, it seems destined that more information will come out about him. While you wait for more answers, you can check out Nav's new video for "Ten Toes Down" above.

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