Flo Rida and Jason DeRulo Live for the Weekend in the New Video for "Hello Friday"

Summertime vibes.

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Flo Rida might not top many best rappers list, but over the years, he's quietly built an impressive run of Billboard smashes. From his humble "Get Low" origins to introducing the world to Kesha on "Right Round" to starting the party with recent hits like "G.D.F.R." and "My House," the dance-oriented rapper has certainly had a huge impact on the pop radio world. Now, him and Jason DeRulo are back with another party-ready jam.

The video for "Hello Friday" is a typical Flo Rida affair, with free-flowing booze, beautiful women, and a tropical location. He even casts a series of women as a literal calendar, showing them in sequence as he counts down the days until the weekend. In what is—hopefully—just for show, one girl actually gets a "Hello Friday" tattoo. None of it is particularly surprising, but then again, Flo Rida doesn't really do much boundary pushing. He's found his lane, and he's content to ride in it until seemingly the end of time. We can all hate, or we can sit back and let the sunny, weekend vibes try to chill our icy hearts.

You can watch Flo Rida and Jason DeRulo's "Hello Friday" video above.

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