The Best Astrology References In Rap Songs

As we approach Taurus season and adjust to a new moon, let’s take a look at some of the best astrology references in rap songs. From Leos to Pisces, there’s a lyric out there for (almost) everybody.


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Astrology has experienced a significant resurgence in mainstream popularity over the last couple of years, but the practice has of course been around for thousands of years. Perhaps it’s because millennials are seemingly more introspective than previous generations, or perhaps it’s because we’re desperately seeking excuses for our behavior. Either way, it’s not going away any time soon.

Millennials aren’t the only ones who love astrology, though; plenty of rappers have employed references to the practice in their rhymes. This can largely be attributed to the popularity of astrology in the ‘70s, which is also when hip-hop originated. In rap music both old and new, there exists a plethora of astrology references, in which rappers use their signs as a way to brag about themselves, as a way to attract a sexual partner, or as a cover for their behavior (stars: they’re just like us).

You don’t necessarily have to understand astrology to be able to appreciate a good astrology reference. Sometimes, it’s enough to just hear your sun sign shouted out in the middle of a quick 16 bars. But if you do understand astrology, it can make dissecting these references that much more interesting. Plus, you can determine whether or not the rappers themselves actually understand these references, or if the shit just sounds good.

And although astrology is often associated with women, plenty of male rappers love to shout out the zodiac. In fact, all of the references on this list are by male rappers, except for one by Nicki Minaj (who has referenced her sun sign—Sagittarius—in multiple songs). No matter your background or identity, astrology is an easy way to tell people what you’re all about, which makes it perfect for rap music.

These are the best astrology references in rap songs.

Q-Tip “God Lives Through” (1993)

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Lyrics: “Aries is my sign, I know that I can rhyme/Sometimes I rhyme in riddles, plus I make the honies wiggle”

Q-Tip The Abstract is also Q-Tip The Aries. On “God Lives Through,” Tip employs his sun sign for a quick brag—as any Aries would.

Nicki Minaj “Barbie Tingz” (2018)

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Lyrics: “I’m in my prime, Optimus/Sagittarius, so you know I’m an optimist”

Nicki has mentioned her astrological sign—Sagittarius—on multiple occasions, including on Drake’s “Make Me Proud” (“He asked my sign, I said a Sag/I’m a star, sheriff badge”). To her credit, Sagittarians are known for being idealistic—clearly she’s in touch with her zodiac chart.

Kendrick Lamar “Wesley’s Theory” (2015)

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Lyrics: “Your horoscope is a gemini, two sides/So you better cop everything two times”

Though they get a bad rep, there have been many great Geminis in the rap world, including Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G., Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick acknowledges his Gemini-ness in a verse about consumerism and wrestles with capitalism and the pressure to cop more and more products and goods.

OutKast “Aquemini” (1998)

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Lyrics: “Nothin’ is for sure, nothin’ is for certain, nothin’ lasts forever/But until they close the curtain, it’s him and I; Aquemini

OutKast created their own zodiac sign, a combination of Aquarius (Big Boi) and Gemini (André 3000), for their iconic third studio album, Aquemini. The combination of two air signs could be chaotic, but it’s clearly worked for them. The portmanteau solidifies the two as a true dynamic duo, and is used as a sweet way of reassuring fans that their work together ain’t over ‘til it’s over.

Nas “Virgo” (2004)

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Lyrics: “Why only serve one when we can serve up two/Then at the bachelor pad, doin' what the Virgos do”

It’s unclear what exactly Nas means by “what the Virgos do.” It’s a song about a girl he has a crush on, but clearly he’s gonna have to get to know himself before he gets to know her; Virgos are known for being practical and analytical—not exactly the type to let loose “at the bachelor pad.”

YG “Left, Right” (2014)

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Lyrics: “I'm a Pisces, she's a Taurus/She said she expensive, well, I could afford it”

If you have a Taurus in your life, you know that YG hit the nail on the head with this one—Tauruses are known for being self-indulgent and materialistic, and Pisces are known for being selfless. A match made in heaven.

Krayzie Bone “Gemini” (2001)

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Lyrics: “Gemini, everytime I try to use my mind/Seems like I gotta fight two sides”

Another reflection on the struggles of being a Gemini. Clearly Krayzie Bone is still trying to find a balance between the two sides of himself.

Kanye West “Guilt Trip” (2013)

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Lyrics: “Maybe it's cause she into Leos and I was into trios/Plus all the trips to Rio couldn't have helped”

As previously mentioned, Kanye is a Gemini. If someone were into Leos, it would be unlikely that they would also be into Geminis (Leos are fire signs and Geminis are air signs), so this could be the root of his relationship troubles. Or it could be all those trips to Rio— *Kanye voice* I guess we’ll never know.

Lil Wayne “She Will” (2011)

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Lyrics: “Devil on my shoulder, the Lord as my witness/So on my Libra scale I'm weighin' sins and forgiveness”

Libras are all about balance; their zodiac symbol is the scales. If you aren’t quite convinced about Weezy’s quest for balance, see the end of the verse, in which he rhymes “Ray Charles to the bullshit” with “hop up on that dick and do a full split.” Balance, people.

KRS One “Fourth Quarter/Free Throws” (1997)

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Lyrics: “When Pisces is over, at the year two thousand/When the Sun of God changes his house and/Enters the Age of Aquarius/The Sun of God as man is hilarious (okay)”

This is perhaps the most wholesome reference on the list. In “Fourth Quarter/Free Throws,” KRS One simply acknowledges the sun’s transition out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius. He gives listeners an idea of what this age holds for us at the end of the song: “So in this age of spiritual dignity/You'll see a rise in femininity/And creativity, meshed with masculinity/You got to get with me, this is your true her-story.” Sounds about right.

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