Interview: Nick Cannon Is Okay with Whiteface, So Why Aren't You? (Video)

The Wild'N Out Host explains the name of his album and the sound of the project. He also discusses the reaction to Connor Smallnut and his white face stunt

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Nick Cannon's been doing numbers across social media recently, with the inception of his newest character: One "Connor Smallnut." Which is Nick Cannon. In whiteface. Doing his best rendition of contemporary caucasity.

The persona was engineered to promote Cannon's newest album, White People Party Music, a project that includes collaborative work with Akon, Fatman Scoop, Future and Migos, among others. We spoke to Nick about how he came up with the album title, the mixed responses he's been getting about his whiteface stunt, as well as his thoughts on blackface vs. whiteface. We also spoke to the Nickelodeon chairman about his upcoming film work, and, oh yeah: He may have some beef with Complex. Peep the video above to check out the interview.

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