Zack Bia Drops Debut Project 'Learn to Fly' f/ Lil Yachty, Don Toliver, and JID

The release arrives as Zack Bia continues to open for Drake on the It's All a Blur Tour.


As he opens for Drake on the Toronto rapper's It's All a Blur Tour, Zack Bia has delivered his debut full-length project Learn to Fly.

The eight-track release features the previously heard singles "Hardcore" featuring Don Toliver and "One of Those Days" featuring Lil Yachty, as well as new collaborations with Yachty ("Flowers"), JID ("Hate This Place"), Sainte ("Breathe"), Bobby Raps ("Save Me"), and more.

"This project is the next step in the direction I’ve been wanting to take my whole life: working with friends and pushing my music into new sonic territory while also highlighting what I know makes my friends so great," Bia said about his new LP. "This is me stepping away from my behind the scenes role and actually putting my own music out into the world. I'm jumping into the unknown and figuring it out along the way, that’s why the project is called 'Learn To Fly.’ I hope everyone who listens can find a song or a melody that they like and another that may have surprised them."

Bia has been plotting his rise for quite some time, as he explained in a February 2022 interview with Complex.

“I started becoming a guy who was throwing parties that became a safe space for artists to come and be themselves, test out new music, meet other artists, and meet new cool people,” he said at the time. “That turned into artists being like, ‘Let me pick your brain on this. What do you think of this brand? What do you think of this new artist? Come to the studio.’ We started having this really intimate relationship with a ton of artists.” 

Stream Zack Bia's new project Learn To Fly now on all major platforms.

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