Rick Ross Performed in Drake Hoodie Hours After Dropping "Champagne Moments" Diss

Rozay was seen wearing Drizzy's 'For All the Dogs' merch while performing the duo's 2011 collab "I'm On One" at a club on Saturday.

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Hours after responding to Drake’s unofficially released song, "Push Ups," with a diss track of his own, Rick Ross trolled the 6 God by wearing a Drake hoodie during a club performance.

As seen in videos on social media, Rozay performed at a club on Saturday night while wearing a hoodie from Drake's For All the Dogs merch collection. In addition, Ross performed the duo's 2011 collaboration "I'm On One," and even let Drake's iconic hook play for a bit before cutting the song off.

Rick Ross trolling Drake by performing last night after he dissed him and letting the chorus on “I’m On One” play then cutting it off pic.twitter.com/xv2XXH4T0h

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Drizzy and Rozay's escalating beef hit a fever pitch on Saturday with the release of Drake's new diss track "Push Ups," where the Toronto rapper esentially called Ross old before claiming the Florida rapper's biggest hits are songs featuring Drake.

“I might take your latest girl and cuff her like Ricky/Can’t believe he’s jumping in, this n***a turning 50/Every song that made it on the chart he got from Drizzy," Drake raps.

Hours later, Rick Ross responded with "Champagne Moments," which features Ross calling Drake a “white boy,” claiming the 6 God got plastic surgery, and saying he unfollowed him because he sent a cease and desist to French Montana.

On Sunday, Drake took to his Instagram to deny the nose job allegations by sharing a screenshot of a text message exchange between him and his mother, Sandi Graham, in which she asked if the rumors were true. Drake tagged Ross on the post, writing, "You’re one nosey goof.'"

Rozay responded by hopping on IG Live and trolling Drake some more.

"White boy, you got a Chevy, white boy? I doubt it," Ross said in the clip. "But, anyway, big nose. Boy you had 25 percent body fat with a carved-out six piece. Stop, we know what time it is. Shit cost 40 bands. Stop, but tell your momma... tell your old girl she a beautiful lady. I told you that before and I meant that, but you tell your momma, white boy, you stayed out at the park too late and you can't call her when you get in this shit. This shit too deep to call your momma, white boy."

Rick Ross via IG pic.twitter.com/Rqa6hhSb5V

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Ross subsequently put up a picture of Drake's merch on his IG Stories in which he referred to the rapper as "BBL Drizzy" alongside a nose emoji.

Meme with edited image of Drake with exaggerated features, caption "Who nose?", and text "BBL DRAKE" at the bottom

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