Pooh Shiesty Shares Update from Prison: 'I'm Still the Menace of Memphis'

Pooh Shiesty took to Instagram Tuesday to share an update from prison, where he's serving a five-year sentence on federal conspiracy charges

Pooh Shiesty performs onstage during 2021 Shiesty Season Spring Fest

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Pooh Shiesty performs onstage during 2021 Shiesty Season Spring Fest

Pooh Shiesty took to Instagram on Tuesday to share an update from prison, where he’s currently serving a 63-month sentence after pleading guilty to federal conspiracy charges.

In a lengthy post, which arrived alongside a pair of pictures of Shiesty, who now sports a full beard and long hair, the Memphis rapper boasted about his pre-prison status as a drug dealer, claiming he was bigger than Jay-Z before he got locked up.

In addition, Shiesty reminded his enemies that he hasn’t lost a step in terms of popularity, and that when he gets released he’ll reassert himself atop the hip-hop hierarchy.

“King Shiesty tappin in from the middle of the pennititary aka Hell where they say i cant go, jailing no telling!!” Pooh wrote. “I still remain Untouched, Millions still in double digits! Tell google fix my net worth we can verify that shit right now. Yeah I’m locked up not fucked up. I was 21, up 8 figures; Jay-Z can’t even relate. My money triple my follwers.”

Pooh continued, “I’m still the Menace of Memphis, Still the King no matter what jungle. Slick almost the same n***a just a lil mo powerful. You n***a cant beat me at crawling backwards. You gone have to get yo hand, knife, and gun game up before you can do some with me stop playing so much!”

He concluded by thanking his fans and loved ones for their support. “For my fans, supporters, loved ones holding me down everyday, keep keeping it solid. I promise it don’t get unnoticed i see everything and got some special for all. Word is law.”

Last April, Pooh pleaded guilty in connection with a South Florida shooting that took place in October 2020. He was originally facing eight years in prison for the alleged shooting of 28-year-old Brandon Cooper, but accepted a plea deal for a reduced sentence.

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