Kodak Black Receives Cease and Desist From Housing Authority After Donating AC Units to Projects

The Pompano Beach Authority sent a cease and desist letter to Kodak Black, alleging that he caused "disturbances" when donating AC units to a housing project.

Kodak Black

Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images

Kodak Black

Kodak Black is facing legal trouble for his latest charitable effort. 

TMZ reports the Housing Authority of Pompano Beach issued a cease and desist letter to Kodak last month, claiming that he caused “disturbances” when delivering air-conditioning units to a housing project in July. The housing authority’s claims also stem from the fact that the Florida rapper shot a music video on the property. 

“Your actions have adversely impacted the Property’s residents’ right to peacefully enjoy the property,” the letter reads.

Meanwhile, Black’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, responded with a letter of his own reprimanding the housing authority for their “wish to stop the assistance to the elderly and underprivileged during a heat wave and 2 year pandemic.”

Over the Fourth of July weekend, he purchased 100 AC units totaling $12,500 and hand-delivered them to residents at the Golden Acres Projects in Pompano Beach.

“We out here passing out AC units, helping install them,” Kodak said in a video posted to social media. “We do it for the projects, we do it for the projects. The people relying on just enough cash to survive. We’ll get you all ACs man, we out here.”

“A lot of times people get it twisted,” he said while speaking to the residents. “They be like, ‘Man, Kodak sleep, Kodak this, Kodak that.’ Well check this out. Kodak back in his hood, man, giving back. It’s nothing new. You just happen to be a part of it today, that’s it.”

Check out the video of Kodak’s good deed below.


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