Jadakiss Doesn’t Understand J. Cole’s Apology to Kendrick Lamar: ‘I Don’t Know What Happened With His Spirits’

The Lox rapper said the rapper part of him is disappointed, while the mental health part of him is proud.

Man in a Yankees jacket standing in front of a brick wall
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Man in a Yankees jacket standing in front of a brick wall

Jadakiss remains confused with J. Cole's decision to apologize to Kendrick Lamar at the 2024 Dreamville Festival.

During an appearance on The Stephen A. Smith Show this weekend, the Lox rapper respectfully expressed his disappointment in Cole, who last week apologized to Kendrick just days after releasing a new diss track ("7 Minute Drill") aimed at the Compton rapper.

“When I woke up, and seen Cole’s response at Dreamville, I was kinda distraught. I was confused, because he’s one of the nicest right now," Jadakiss explained. "He always stands on that. He always says what he’ll do, everybody wanted it."

The Yonkers rapper continued by expressing his genuine confusion about Cole's decision to wave the white flag. “I don’t know what happened with his spirits or what happened," he said.

From there, Jadakiss accurately predicted that Drake would unleash a diss aimed at Kendrick. "I think Drake's gonna come back and say something," he shared, adding that he also expects Kendrick to return the favor.

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Jadakiss' opinion about Cole's response is similar to fellow Lox rapper Styles P, who took to Twitter last week to share his raw thoughts on the situation. In a comment shared on his Instagram Stories, Styles sounded both happy for and disappointed in Cole.

"The emcee with a competitive nature part of me is upset at that young man while the mental wellness, 'take care of your spirit' part of me is very proud of him," he said. "He just confused the shit out of my frequencies but imma always go with the take care of you spirit and please y'all self before you worry about pleasing others!." 

Meanwhile, 50 Cent, as is his nature, took an entirely different approach than his New York peers. After catching wind of Cole's Dreamville address, Fif took straight to Twitter and urged the North Carolina rapper to give him a call, as Cole could surely benefit from 50's expertise in rap beef.

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