Fat Joe Defends Calling DJ Khaled the 'Quincy Jones of Hip-Hop Right Now'

During an appearance on the latest episode of 'Drink Champs,' Fat Joe gave DJ Khaled his flowers, crowning him the "Quincy Jones of Hip-Hop right now."

DJ Khaled and Fat Joe

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DJ Khaled and Fat Joe

Among DJ Khaled’s endless list of frequent collaborators, few have connected with the Miami hitmaker more times than Fat Joe, who’s appeared on 11 songs spread across Khaled’s 12 studio albums, including on classic singles “We Takin’ Over,” “Holla at Me,” and “Brown Paper Bag.”

It’s hardly surprising, then, that Joey Crack holds Khaled in such high regard. Nevertheless, the 50-year-old rapper made sure to give the superproducer his flowers during an appearance on the latest episode of Drink Champs

“People take away the greatness from Khaled and they say, ‘Well he just gets a bunch of big-time rappers and puts them on the same song,’” Joe told hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN. “There’s a million DJs and producers that try that, and those ain’t hit records. And it’s been a long time since we heard Nas and Jay-Z on what to me sounds like a smash hit, like a SMASH hit, that can play on the radio, it’s streaming incredibly. So DJ Khaled really is the Quincy Jones of hip-hop right now.”

Of course, countless people on social media took exception to Joe’s statement. Still, the Bronx native isn’t backing down from what he said, and took to Instagram Thursday to defend his comments. 

“I make reference to Khaled being the Quincy Jones of Hip Hop,” Joe said in a video. “Now, there’s a million guys putting a bunch of rappers together… one million guys putting shit together. Every DJ, every guy you know, and they come together, big guys, and they’re not hits. This is my point – Khaled puts out No. 1 albums, No. 1 hits, the album is incredible for me. Give the man his credit.”

Check out Drink Champs’ full conversation with Fat Joe below.

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