Fat Joe Remembers Terror Squad's Near-Fatal Encounter With Connecticut Mobsters: 'I Don't Know How We're Alive

During a recent Instagram Live session, Fat Joe opened up about the time his Terror Squad collective landed in hot water with mobsters in Connecticut.

Fat Joe attends 2021 Soul Train Awards

Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/FilmMagic

Fat Joe attends 2021 Soul Train Awards

During a recent Instagram Live session, Fat Joe shed light on Terror Squad’s infamous encounter with mobsters in Connecticut.

Back in 1998, Terror Squad, a hip-hop collective comprised of Bronx rappers Fat Joe, Big Pun, Remy Ma, and Cuban Link, among others, was invited to perform at the Puerto Rican Day Parade in Bridgeport, CT.

“They invited us to perform up there,” Fat Joe explained. “So we were up there, we were chilling, I ain’t gon’ lie they treated us like kings. We went over there because of (Big) Pun. Pun was telling us to go because that’s his man, and we went up there, Pun didn’t come.”

During their rendezvous in Connecticut, Terror Squad landed itself in hot water when Cuban Link offered local kingpin Frankie “The Terminator” Estrada’s wife a drink.

“Long story short, the main kingpin’s got his wife with him, the Nana, he won’t let go of her hand, he’s one of the dude’s who’s madly in love with their girl,” he explained. “He was the nicest guy in the world, treating us good, fancy hotel. The guy accused Cuban (Link) of trying to fuck his girl.”

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After Estrada accused him of cozying up to his wife, Cuban Link punched the mobster, sparking an all-out brawl that left Terror Squad greatly outmanned. 

“I think Cuban punched him in his face, he knocked him out,” Joe recalled. “Now we go from Puerto Rican Parade to 5,000 guys in the club jumping us. It’s, like, 10 of us against 5,000 guys. We got our ass whooped! Listen to me, we got our ass whooped! I don’t know how we’re alive!”

From there, the Bronx collective was forced to defend itself against the entire club.

“We fought, at the very least, 1,000 people, the whole fucking club turned on us,” Joe explained. “We have the best Terror Squad had to offer, there. We weren’t there with pussy guys, we were there with the realest we had. Everywhere you looked we were getting stomped out.”

After surviving the brawl, Fat Joe alleges that the crew escaped thanks to fellow Terror Squad member Raul Conde having a gun in his possession. 

“When I go to walk [out], I open the door, this dude is standing in the trunk of a car — this is no exaggeration — pulling out the silver gun,” he recalled. “All of a sudden, I see Raul TS. Now, Raul got a .22 Derringer, probably the same shit he had at Morris High School.”

Joey Crack continued, “So he tells me to stand behind him and all eight of us are in line with Raul’s .22. We wound up car-jacking two dudes, grabbed them out, boom, jumped in the whip … We get the fuck outta there.”

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