Best New Music This Week: Megan Thee Stallion, Sada Baby, Smoove’L, and More

The best new music this week includes songs from Megan Thee Stallion, Sada Baby, Smoove’L, Marlo, Future, Lil Baby, Sada Baby, and more.

Best New Music This Week
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Best New Music This Week

Some of our favorite artists delivered new music this Friday, as we were blessed with projects from the UK’s J Hus (Big Conspiracy), Detroit’s Icewear Vezzo (Drank Baby), Brooklyn’s Kota The Friend (Lyrics to Go, Vol. 1), and more. Beyond the full-length offerings, some of the best new music this week came in the form of singles: Megan Thee Stallion’s “B.I.T.C.H.”; Marlo, Future & Lil Baby’s “1st N 3rd”; Sada Baby’s “Say Whoop”; Rico Nasty’s “IDGAF”; Smoove L’s “Palm Angels”; and Reason’s “Show Stop.” These are the best new songs this week.

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Megan Thee Stallion, “B.I.T.C.H.”

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Less than a month into the new year, the Megan Thee Stallion looks more bulletproof than ever. Fresh off dropping “Diamonds” earlier this month, she returns with “B.I.T.C.H.,” the first single from her upcoming studio album, Suga. On the new song, which samples Tupac Shakur’s All Eyez on Me cut “Ratha Be Ya Nigga,” the hot girl commands respect for keeping it real. “I’d rather be a B.I.T.C.H., ’cause that’s what you gonna call me when I’m trippin’ anyway/You know you can’t control me, baby,” she sings on the chorus. “You need a real one in your life/Them bitches ain’t gonna give it to you right/Why you wanna play with me/You know I’m undefeated.” Her official debut album is named after her next persona, Suga, whom she describes as being “besties with [alter ego] Tina Snow… It’s a big problem.” While the Houston rapper has not announced the release date for her new record, she has revealed it will feature work with Kehlani, alongside other collaborations that will be announced soon.

Marlo f/ Future & Lil Baby, “1st N 3rd”

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Atlanta rapper and Quality Control signee Marlo has been on the rise for a few years now. After a quiet 2019, he returned this week with “1st N 3rd,” the title track from his upcoming mixtape, 1st N 3rd. The new single sees Future delivering a catchy chorus centered around “finessin’ and trapping,” followed by tales of codeine sipping, dope deliveries, and fur coats. Lil Baby follows up his “Sum 2 Prove” single from his upcoming sophomore effort, My Turn, with closing duties on the track. “Lamborghini, baby I’m turnt/I don’t want a bitch, she burnt/I was gettin’ money back then, ask whoever/Million dollar spots, on god, had several/Now I’m booked up, you can check my schedule/Swear I ain’t regular, two hunnid racks for these shows,” Lil Baby raps about his quick success to the top, and yet reveals he was a street millionaire even before his career as a rapper.

Sada Baby, “Say Whoop”

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Since dropping an excellent mixtape last January (Bartier Bounty), Sada Baby has positioned himself as one of the most prolific rappers alive, with two more projects (October’s Whoop Tape and this month’s Brolik) as well as numerous loosies under his belt. The menacing “Say Whoop,” is the latest single from the Detroit rapper, and arrives with an accompanying visual courtesy of YouTube staple JerryPHD. Similar to most Sada videos, it shows him getting faded in a house with his crew. The camera remains focused on him the whole time, so you can watch the wild facial expressions that accompany his colorful raps.

Smoove’L, “Palm Angels”

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Smoove'L is one of the brightest young stars to emerge from Brooklyn's drill scene, but he's making a point not to be pigeonholed as exclusively a drill artist. "I'm not a drill rapper," he tells Complex. "I would never want to be labeled that. I'm an artist. Before I jumped on a drill beat, I made other songs, other types of songs. I just started trying to get to what my city wanted. Then I brought my own style to it." Celebrating a deal with Interscope Records, he dropped a new song and video for "Palm Angels" this week, which shows off his diverse stylistic talents. "It's just a good time," he says of the track.

Rico Nasty, “IDGAF”

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After releasing her breakthrough mixtape, Anger Management, along with a pair of standalone singles “Time Flies” and “Fashion Week,” last April, rising rapper Rico Nasty took a much deserved break from the spotlight. This week, she returned with her latest single, “IDGAF,” in which she spits rapid-fire rhymes that call out her haters. “I pull up and hop out the Mercedes/Shit I used to daydream/I’m running it up on the daily/You ain’t on shit, you lazy/Don’t give a shit, fuck you bitch, pay me,” she raps over laid-back keys.“IDGAF” is expected to appear on Rico’s forthcoming album, Nightmare Vacation, alongside the previously released “Hard.”

REASON, “Show Stop”

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Fresh off his guest spots on Revenge of the Dreamers III (“LamboTruck” and “Still Up”), TDE’s REASON returns with “Show Stop,” the first offering from the West Coast label this year. Produced by The 90’s and !llmind, the mid-tempo track finds the rapper implementing a slower flow through a careful cadence, as Kendrick Lamar plays the role of hype man, dropping ad-libs in the background. “Show Stop” is expected to be the first single from the Carson, California rapper’s forthcoming project, R2.

J Hus f/ Burna Boy, “Play Play”

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Even if you're one of those American rap fans who refuses to listen to hip-hop that was made outside of this country, we urge you to give J Hus’ Big Conspiracy a spin. The 13-song project is a top-to-bottom excellent listen with no skips, and it’s highlighted by the standout, Burna Boy-assisted cut, “Play Play.” It’s freezing outside for most of us right now, but this one will have you in your tropical bag. Even if you’re somehow new to the music of J Hus, we have a feeling you’ll find yourself bobbing your head along to the bouncy rhythms before “Play Play” is over. Start here, and dive into the rest of Big Conspiracy when it ends.

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