Premiere: Listen to A-Villa's "A Day In The Life" f/ AZ, Havoc, Freeway, & Macie Stewart

A-Villa brings it back to the '90s with his latest track.

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Chicago producer A-Villa is gearing up to release his debut album Carry On Tradition, and today he drops the first single off of the LP, "A Day In The Life" featuring AZ, Havoc, Freeway, and Macie Stewart.  

A-Villa produced the beat with another classic hip-hop track in mind. "When I originally made the beat, it was just a main melody loop of strings and keys with some programmed drums over it. Sonically, I was inspired by Raekwon and Ghostface's song "Heaven & Hell", but I wanted to make it an introspective record about a hustler's come up from the street life to the rap game," he said over e-mail. AZ, Havoc, and Freeway continued with that theme, rhyming about the luxurious life of a street hustler, including women, convertibles, and goose leathers– classic New York shit.

Macie Stewart, originally from Kids These Days, adds some melodic vocals to the hook singing, "I stay, come what may/Won't let nothing get in my way, I say/It's just a day/In the life, just a day."

Carry On Tradition comes out November 4, but for now you can listen to "A Day In The Life" below.

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