Lil Baby Spotted in Toronto as He Locks in With Drake to Record New Music

Lil Baby is locking in with Drake in the studio to create new music and was spotted by fans over the weekend at a few well-known locations around the city.

Drake and Lil Baby appear together at Montreal's Metro Metro festival
Drake and Lil Baby appear together at Montreal's Metro Metro festival

Toronto fans of Lil Baby may develop serious FOMO after discovering the Atlanta rapper has recently been spending time in the city to work on new music with Drake

The two recently performed together at the Metro Metro festival in Montreal, where Drizzy made a surprise appearance during Lil Baby’s set. A few days later, Drake held a Twitch livestream from his Toronto mansion, where he said, “My brother Lil Baby’s in the studio right now, he’s cooking up, we’re working.”

During the livestream for Stake, a well-known betting site, Drake added that the 24-year-old artist would later join him for some gambling. 

Lil Baby has recently been spotted hanging out at a few locations in the city, including 44 Toronto, a new nightclub on King Street West known for its Miami-like atmosphere. 

In fan-shot video, the rapper is seen wearing laid-back attire—an olive green tracksuit, black sunglasses, and his hair tied up—as he looks over the mezzanine at the crowd below.

Lil Baby was also spotted at a local Shoppers Drug Mart, where fans captured him on video grabbing some drinks and snacks.

The original clip of the encounter has since been deleted, but racked up over 333,000 views on TikTok in three days. This led another fan to follow suit and post clips of her encounter with a caption asking Lil Baby to let her “hit.”

Fans who missed out on their chance to potentially run into the rapper did not shy away from expressing their feelings on Twitter.

Others predicted future collaborations between Lil Baby, Drake, and J. Cole—who recently signed with the CEBL’s Scarborough Shooting Stars.

Lil Baby’s upcoming studio album, which will most likely feature Drake, is expected to drop in July. 

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