Cardi B Bought Offset a Blinged-Out 'Bando' Chain for Valentine's Day

The couple loves to spoil each other.

This is a photo of Cardi B.

Image via Getty/Shareif Ziyadat

This is a photo of Cardi B.

Cardi B and Offset are couple goals when it comes to gift-giving because the pair loves to spoil each other with presents we can only dream of affording!

So Offset is known for his impressive jewelry collection, and his fiancée wanted to add to that with a sparkly emoji medallion fit for a trap king. The rapper showed off the new piece Cardi B gave him for Valentine's Day on Instagram, which is an elaborate charm shaped like a house.

The creator behind the chain is Elliot Avianne, a jeweler who has created pieces for Quavo, Takeoff Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, and more. What makes the piece even cooler is that it has two working doors and two figures that resembles Offset inside the house. "That's me right there with that chopper on me. That's me again on that stove," he explains in the video. Man, talk about attention to detail! 

For those not hip to Migos' discography pre-"Bad and Boujee," the rap trio dropped their song "Bando" (a.k.a. slang for an abandoned house) back in 2012 that flexed their drug-dealing prowess. So for Cardi to gift Offset with an emoji medallion based on their throwback hit serves as some oddly adorable nostalgia. 

The new piece of jewelry will sit alongside Offset's $100,000 raindrop-shaped pendant and a $70,000 chain that resembles Ric Flair. But don't think he's the only one flossing out here. The rapper previously gifted Cardi B a stunning necklace and bracelet set for Valentine's Day, which she showed off on Instagram as well. Before then, he gave her a badass chain (also created by Avainne) in the shape of a hand signaling "I love you" complete with a red bandana. Ah, thug love!

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