Yung Bleu’s Wife Slams ‘Short Ass Dick’ Artist's Alleged Cheating: ‘I Need the Best Divorce Lawyer’

A woman accused Yung Bleu of flying her out under the pretense of linking up.

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Yung Bleu's wife Tiemeria has accused the artist of cheating after she saw a video of a woman claiming he flew her out to link up.

In a post shared on her Instagram Stories, Tiemeria ripped into the Alabama native. "N***a stay tryna fly bitches out don't nobody wanna lick on that short ass dick y'all can have his desperate bitch ass big teeth ass bitch that hoe not lying on yo dirty ass bitch," she wrote in a post that she followed with, "Sissy bitch."

Tiemeria wrote that she is "embarrassed" by Yung Bleu so she's planning to embarrass him back. In a video, she said someone sent her a DM on Instagram to tell her about the TikTok videos.

"I mentioned it to him, and he said, 'I don't know what you're talking about,'" Tiemeria said. After she confronted him about it, he ran away to his guest house, said he found the video, and accused the woman of lying. "I said to him, 'This girl is not fucking lying on you, this girl got video of your lying ass on a plane,'" she said. "She got so many fucking receipts. ... I hope Boosie [Badazz] come get your fucking ass."

In a final post, she added, "I need the best divorce lawyer in Georgia.

In an extensive pair of videos shared on TikTok, user @tenommmmm said that "c-list celebrity" Yung Bleu flew her out to link up after sliding into her DMs. "A lot of these celebrities are weird," she said after repeatedly calling him "weird" at the start of the video. "He wasted my motherfuckin' time."

While 29-year-old Bleu apparently invited her to hang out as a "groupie" at first, she wasn't sure what he was really after. "A complete weirdo, you can't joke with this motherfucker, you can't bed with this motherfucker," she continued.


#storytime the type bleu slid in my Dm md wasted my fuckin time idc if your a #celebrity idc who you ate if youra #weirdo ima treat you like one just letting yall know this #storytime is kinda #long but im worth it!!! #nevertfagain #pplareweird #wastedmytime

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PART 2: time w/ Bleu like i said before these #celebrities are fucking #weird and bleu is the #weirdest man ive ever hung out with in my life… I appreciate the jet and the haor but baby no… now his numer stays on my #blocklist maybe time will heal and we can try again 😂😂😂😂😂 sike never ever again!!!!! worst encounter ever

♬ original sound - Tenom

The drama surrounding Yung Bleu's relationships comes not long after Boosie Badazz accused the singer/songwriter of stealing at least $30,000 from him during his time signed to Boosie's Badazz Music Syndicate imprint. "N***a been stealing, bro. I thought that shit was over with, bro," said Boosie during a recent Instagram Live stream. "Them n***as con artists, bro. That was 2016 when that happened."

Yung Bleu has yet to publicly respond to the accusations made by his wife or Boosie.

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