Westside Gunn Wants to Executive Produce Next Jadakiss Album, Talks Ending 'Hitler Wears Hermes' Series

Following the drop of Side A of 'Sincerely Adolf,’ Westside Gunn stopped by Rap Life on Apple Music to reveal that he wants to work on an album with Jadakiss.

Following the release of Side A of Sincerely Adolf last month, Westside Gunn stopped by Rap Life on Apple Music to reveal that he’s hoping to work on an album with Jadakiss.

Speaking with Nadeska Alexis, the Griselda rapper opened up about some of the projects he hopes to work on in the future. “I've already hit Jadakiss up," he said. "Because I felt like when we make music together, it's always incredible. And I just know that production that I have on my team. If I played 10 of those beats for Jadakiss, it'd probably be Jadakiss' best album."

The two have already collaborated in the past, most recently appearing on the Hitler Wears Hermes 8 cut “Right Now,” and it’s clear they work well together stylistically. But it’s not just Jada he wants to work with. “I love Sauce Walka,” Gunn said. “I would love to do something with Tyler. I think that's kind of... I'm not going to say easy, but I think that's probably something he would want it. I already talked to Tyler today. That's somebody I'm real cool with it. I think that'd be... That'll catch people off guard. I even want to do R&B, I want to do a Solange album or something. Just something crazy.”

Elsewhere in the chat, Gunn explained why he was putting an end to his Hitler Wears Hermes series with its eighth installment. “I'm getting bigger, man, so the title Hitler got to go. I'm just being honest,” he said.” The title has understandably raised some eyebrows over the years, but he noted that the criticism only seemed to surface with the arrival of the seventh entry.

”This is the last one,” he affirmed. “And the thing is, even though I used that title, it's never been in a negative way. But it's just like, I'm an exec. I'm just not an artist. I own Griselda Records, so it's a lot of partnerships, a lot of things that I want to do. And that title kind of hinders those things... It had its mark. It did what it did. I mean, we on Part 8. So, even though I make it for more the underground, it's still mainstream now. You just got to be mindful of other people's feelings. I get it.”

Westside Gunn also recently featured on Kanye West’s latest album Donda, which Gunn said he recorded his verse for sometime before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down most of the country. “With ‘Ye, you never know when it’s going to come out,” he explained. “Initially, his verse appeared at the first private listening party for the album, which prompted him to schedule a trip to Atlanta for its first public listening party. Unfortunately for Gunn, his verse was absent from that verse of the album.

”I went, took my whole family, my whole crew,” he said. “We sat there. My part wasn’t even on it. Like we… I had everybody come to the stadium and they didn’t even play my song.” Regardless of that experience, though, he remarked that working with Kanye was “fire” and he indicated he was happy with the finished product.”

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