Uncle Murda Shares "Rap Up 2023," Takes Aim at Diddy, André 3000, Sexyy Red, and More (UPDATE)

The rapper was not impressed with André's instrumental solo album.

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UPDATED 1/2/24, 10:15 p.m. ET: Uncle Murda has returned with the sequel to “Rap Up 2023."

Released on Tuesday, "Rap Up 2023 Pt. 2" sees the New York City MC send shots at Jada Pinkett Smith and Diddy, among others.

"Jada Pinkett back on her shit again/Bitch doin' interviews on 2Pac dick again," Murda rapped in regards to Pinkett's book tour in October, in which she spoke about her past relationship with 'Pac.

Elsewhere in "Rap Up 2023 Pt. 2," Murda takes aim at Diddy and the sexual assault lawsuits facing the Bad Boy Records founder.

"He was controlling her, had her on some scared shit/Paying other n***as to fuck her while he watch, that's some weird shit," he rapped about Diddy's relationship with Cassie. "I'm like, did he do it? Did he drug her? Did he rape her?/If you ain't do the shit Diddy, why did you pay her?"

Watch the video for "Rap Up 2023 Pt. 2" below.

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Uncle Murda's latest annual "Rap Up" track is here.

There's been plenty of big headlines in 2023 for the 43-year-old rapper and frequent 50 Cent collaborator to address, and he immediately gets into it at the start of "Rap Up 23." He opens the track by suggesting that fans have been asking for his thoughts on Diddy, who has been accused of sexual misconduct and rape by numerous women including ex-girlfriend Cassie. He then goes on to suggest that Jamie Foxx's unspecified medical emergency was the result of "bad coke."

"When these n***as gonna learn they gotta leave these drugs alone / N***a, Jamie Foxx came back looking like a fucking clone," he raps. Another person he addresses on the track is Young Thug and Gunna. "Free Young Thug or give him bail, let’s be fair / He’s been going back and forth to court now for like three years," he raps. "Young Thug’s n***as wanna know if Gunna rat or not / Is he is or he ain’t, Young Thug just say this shit / ‘Cause the album kinda hot but I don’t be wanting to play the shit.”

He saved his biggest disses on the record for André 3000 and Sexyy Red, however, by expressing disappointment in some of their decisions this past year.

"André 3000 finally put some shit out / Honestly, he was better off not putting shit out / I was tryna catch a vibe but I just couldn’t catch the shit / All he did was play flute, I wish he woulda said some shit," he raps, referring to the OutKast rapper's divisive new age record, New Blue Sun.

"Sexyy Red made a sex tape and I saw it, I think she got pregnant while she was getting recorded / And I heard she said she got chlamydia twice, that bitch ratchet, let me try to give that girl some advice," he raps. "It’s okay to shake your ass and put your hands on your knees / But put a condom on to avoid catching STDs / Your pussy pink and booty hole brown, are you serious? / Little girls shouldn’t be listening to that shit, period."

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Other people who caught some strays on the record include Cardi B and Offset following the dissolution of their relationship, Tory Lanez getting ten years for shooting Megan Thee Stallion, and Usher potentially sparking the end of Keke Palmer's relationship with Darius Jackson.

Listen to the full "Rap Up 23" above.

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