Turk Recalls Story of Him and Lil Wayne Catching STD: ‘They Got All Kinds of Sh*t Out There Now’

During his recent appearance on 'Drink Champs,' Turk once again recalled catching an STD with his friend and fellow Hot Boys rapper Lil Wayne.

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During his recent appearance on Drink Champs, Turk revealed that he once caught crabs with friend and fellow Hot Boys rapper Lil Wayne, a story he’s told in the past.

Turk spoke at length about his history with Weezy, and said that the two of them were very “close” during their time in The Hot Boys together. “They ‘gon get mad, but I say this to say don’t do what we did… Me and Wayne caught crabs together,” he revealed around the 26-minute mark of the show. "But listen. Hear me out. See, a lot of people try to turn a n***a testimony into a mess-imony. That’s what they try to do."

Turk appeared to not be too embarrassed by the admission, because he feels it's important to tell the younger generations to not make the same mistakes.

"They be like, ‘Bro, why you bringing that shit up?’ Because bro, it’s a lot of youth out there doing the shit that we was doing," he explained. "So I gotta tell them, ‘Bro, I understand what y’all going through, but check this out. It just ain’t the AIDS out there, you could catch this. Now they got the Monkey Pox and all this shit. They got all kinds of shit out there now. So, I was doing an interview and I say something about it, and they like, ’Man, you bringing that old stuff up?’ N***a, this my story. The fuck?! … If they can tell they story, I can tell mine.”

Turk explained that he and Wayne unfortunately passed the crabs to the mothers of their kids, too, but said they’ve since overcome it. “I ain’t know what the fuck, we young,” he said. “That was the only ‘lil disease that a n***a… Was that a disease?”

N.O.R.E. chimed in saying, “A ‘lil bit, yeah.”

Elsewhere in the lengthy episode, Turk was asked to clarify the comments he made in an interview last year, in which he claimed he had sex in prison. Many questioned his comments and suggested he admitted to having sex with a man behind bars, but Turk has denied that and refused to say who he had sex with.

“How about an exclusive? I fucked, man,” he said at the 1:04:00 mark of the interview. “Now, let me tell y'all something about fucking. See, I'm not gone get fucked tellin' y'all who I fucked, you feel me? But if you a real street n***a, you already know who I fucked, you see what I'm sayin'? See, a lot of y'all be like, 'He must've fucked a punk' because y'all don't got no fuckin' standards, man."

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