Trick Daddy Talks Gonorrhea, 'Don't Say Gay' Bill, and Punishing His Children: 'Don't Tell Me Not to Beat My Kid’

Trick Daddy opened up about his experiences with gonorrhea, and offered up his thoughts on parenting and Florida’s controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

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Trick Daddy has opened up about his experiences with gonorrhea, and offered up his thoughts on parenting, and Florida’s controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

In an interview with TheBreakfast Club, the Florida rapper revealed that he had an STI scare a while back. After discussing Will Smith’s infamous Oscars slap, he was asked by Charlamagne tha God if he’s ever had a “late reaction” to something in the way Smith did at the Oscars. “The late reaction I had one time was gonorrhea, I thought I was personally fine until I found out that she burned me three days later,” he said at the 7:30 point of the interview.

“Only late reaction I ever had,” he said, to which Angela Yee pressed for more information. “It take three days for your puss-up,” he said. “I had an idea [of who it was] … But, it was sad at first but it became funny.” He also mentioned that at the time he caught gonorrhea, there was a big crackdown in schools of people with venereal diseases. Trick Daddy went on to say that he definitely told those he slept with that he had it.

From there, he pivoted to talk about Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which prohibits any discussion of sexualities or gender identities in school grades from kindergarten to grade 3. Due to the wording of the bill, it can also prohibit such discussions in later grades too, and opens the doors for parents to sue teachers or schools if they believe the law has been violated.

“They got a thing now in Florida, the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill… Then they got the abortion thing, I just believe that if comedians can say what they want to say, I can say what I want to say,” he said at the 10:00 point. “I believe that… I don’t approve in same-sex marriages adopting kids, and raising them thinking that they’re going to be normal. I don’t agree with that, but it’s my opinion. But for you to tell me I have to have this baby? It’s some parents that’s unfit, man, and that’s what’s wrong with the kids: the parents, because it starts at the household.”

After sharing his thoughts, Charlamagne challenged Trick’s comments about same-sex marriages and questioned what “normal” is for any kid growing up right now. “They put it in every show,” Trick continued. “They drilling it, every show. But as a comedian I can’t joke about it, if I was a comedian. But as a person that’s against it, I can’t speak out about it.” Charlamagne suggested that he’s not “against” it, per se, to which Trick agreed and added, “People who are homophobic, I believe that they believe in their heart that they have gay tendencies. … Kids, leave it away from the kids.” 

From here he went on a rant about the way kids are being raised, suggesting that kids shouldn’t have a phone unless they’re on their own for emergencies. At the 18:50 point, he suggested that parents should have “more control” over their kids in the age of social media. Then he admitted that he’s beaten his children in the past. “Don’t tell me not beat my kids,” he said. “My kid might need to be beat.” He added that he would never beat a daughter, though.

Elsewhere in the chat, he addressed Wack 100 and called him a “troll,” and he proclaimed that he’s the best lyricist from the south and is tied with Scarface. Trick also talked about regretting some of his financial decisions and purchases. 

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