Scarface Reveals He Tested Positive for Coronavirus: 'I Could Not Breathe'

Scarface recounted his experience while speaking with Willie D.

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Scarface has revealed that he has tested positive for the coronavirus.

After battling an illness for weeks, Scarface sat down for an interview with Willie D to speak about his experiences with the virus. He said that he hasn't traveled recently, and has been in self-isolation ever since he started to show symptoms. "You need to relay and convey that message to everybody that this is not fake," Scarface said of COVID-19 around the 12:00 point. Speaking over video call, the rapper had bags under his eyes and clearly had a strained throat.

He first started to notice something was wrong when he felt an itching sensation in his throat. After that, he developed a fever that reached upwards of 100 degrees and he went to the emergency room. He was treated and released, but he didn't feel too much better so he went back and that was when he was tested for the virus. He described the pain he felt in struggling to breathe as something like an "elephant was sitting on my chest."

He continued, "This whole three weeks has been an ordeal. It's the craziest I've ever seen in my life. I've been to the point where I felt like I was gonna die." The news comes just days after fellow Houston rapper Slim Thug released a video confirming he had tested positive and urging young people to take the pandemic seriously. 

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