Rick Ross Responds to Fat Joe's Comments About Implicating Other Rappers in Crimes

Fat Joe shared his thoughts after 50 Cent recently brought up Diddy's name amid recent developments in the investigation of 2Pac's murder.

Thaddaeus McAdams via Getty Images

Fat Joe isn't happy about the recent trend of rappers implicating others in potential crimes, and it would appear that Rick Ross agrees.

During a recent stream, Fat Joe indicated that he was less than enthused to see some of his peers discussing the legal matters of others. He alluded to 50 Cent bringing up Diddy's name amid the latest developments in the investigation of 2Pac's murder, as well as multiple hip-hop figures criticizing DJ Envy for his apparent involvement in a suspected real estate fraud scheme.

"If I've got beef with another rapper [and] another DJ, and that guy's fighting the law where he might be going to jail for 10 years, 15 years... I don't think it's cool for hip-hop beef to be like, 'Yeah, go get him! He does this, he does that.' That's jail," Fat Joe said during a recent Instagram Live session. "Now, you think it's hip-hop, you think it's fun and games but R. Kelly's in jail for life! One of the greatest, most famous, most illest entertainers—might be the greatest ever—is in jail for life."

He continued, "Not saying what he did was... I'm just telling you, you can go to jail. It's no such thing as you're too famous to go to jail. They'll put you in jail. .... I’m not talking about somebody specific. But if I got rap beef with you, it’s not cute for me to try to put your business out there or dirty your face or point allegations to you because I want more ratings or I want to sell more records."

He added that people he respects are engaging in this behavior, which he doesn't want to see. "He might go to jail for ten years and not be able to feed his family," he said. "And what is it to you that that man goes to jail? This is real life shit."

In a comment shared on @thehiphopwolf's post on Fat Joe's recent stream, Rick Ross shared his thoughts. "Oh this the 50 cent #tupac, Diddy shit !" he wrote. "@fatjoe I concur." During a show in Latvia earlier this month, 50 Cent outright said Diddy "got 2Pac killed."

But Fat Joe's comments also appeared to be about Rick Ross dissing DJ Envy over his involvement in Cesar and Jennifer Piña's alleged real estate scam. "We ain’t selling fake houses!” Ross said to Funk Flex during a recent interview on his Hot 97 radio show. “We not gon’ steal no old lady houses. You going to hell for that. ... “I heard [Envy] just accused his man of taking advantage of him, too. You’re doing the fraud, you’re telling on your man? Damn.”

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