New 21 Savage Bank Account Campaign Phase Promises 150 ATL Youths Jobs by June

21 Savage is kicking off the next phase of his Bank Account Campaign promoting financial literacy.

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21 Savage announced his plans to expand his 21 Savage Bank Account Campaign last month. The goal of the campaign is to help boost financial literacy in children across the country, with the help of partners Get Schooled and Juma. Savage himself plans to teach a monthly online seminar with tips to help viewers invest in their future.

Now, he's officially announced next phase of the campaign: working with Juma to deliver 150 jobs to at-risk Atlanta youth this June, enrolling each of them in his Bank Account financial literacy workshops. Juma will help students learn through a number of job experiences in sports and entertainment across the country.

"Each month I'll release a new badge on where you can go deep into making money, credit, saving, and investing," Savage explained in a video for the campaign released last month.

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Speaking about the campaign with Rolling Stone in 2017, he said, "While my No. 1 song was called 'Bank Account,' growing up, I knew almost nothing about bank accounts." He added that he hopes to change that for the next generation. "As I have gotten smarter about financial management, I realize how empowering it is to control your money rather than be controlled by it. I want to help kids with a background similar to mine to get smart about their money."

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