Meek Mill Threatens to Pull Up on DJ Akademiks, He Responds: 'You Bunny Hop for Michael Rubin, Robert Kraft’

The two have been going back and forth after a recent Diddy lawsuit sparked speculation over Meek's sexuality.

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Meek Mill and DJ Akademiks are still beefing one another on social media after trading insults over sexuality speculation earlier this week.

Akademiks is partially responsible for sparking speculation that Meek Mill is a redacted name in a lawsuit against Diddy that alleged the two rappers engaged in a sexual relationship. Meek wasn't having any of it and hit back by calling Akademiks "an alcoholic fully powered by the white man." He later asked for Akademiks' address, suggesting he was ready to pull up on the controversial media personality. But Akademiks has now said his address is publicly available, seemingly inviting him to put his money where his mouth is.

"N***a when you talk about asking for my address online u talking about DEATH games," Akademiks wrote. "U must think u invincible. U dont talk about pullin up to street n***as homes cuz u aint on that wit em. So dont be on that wit me."

In a response, Meek wrote, "I'll die to shut you down."

The image shows a Twitter exchange between Meek Mill and DJ Akademiks with Meek Mill responding to a comment

In further tweets, he appeared to refute that he's a redacted name in the lawsuit. "Ima treat you exactly to the effects of you influencing I'm gay and I have three sons!" Meek wrote. "I'm getting ya addy now I'm coming."

Akademiks wrote, "Meek dont talk to no n***a fom philly like how he try to talk to me... thats why i cant respect him. he bunny hop for the white man act like he above n***as who from his own city but got killer energy for a blogger. n***a we stopped believing u."

Meek wrote that he plans to be "outside that podcast everyday" so he can "show [Akademiks] who I am!"

The image shows a series of tweets between Meek Mill and DJ Akademiks discussing a past relationship and personal influences

Akademiks wrote that his address is available on Google if he stands by his words. "I'm just gonna pull up shoot a vid piss on ya steps and taunt you like the geek you are," Meek wrote. "And if I see you tell you out your hands up and take it from there. ... Ima just beat you up light shit don't make it a threat ... you working under these white men to destroy black men ima take the hit for it! And ima give you a chance to put ya hands up!"

Tweet from Meek Mill, replying to DJ Akademiks about an ongoing conversation, with engagement statistics visible
The image contains a series of fictional tweets from a heated exchange between two users, DJ Akademiks and Meek Mill, showing a public disagreement

Just as Meek was wrapping up his tweets, Akademiks accused Meek of "bunny hopping" for Michael Rubin, Robert Kraft, and various other billionaires he's worked directly with. "You they house n***a slave," he wrote.

Tweet from DJ Akademiks criticizing a celebrity for being submissive to billionaires and another tweet from Meek Mill responding with a threat

Meek later deleted all of his tweets directed at Akademiks. "The governor called me and checked me I took it down after I explain to him this the guy that powered the biggest rap beefs that killed some of my friends playing undercover," he wrote. "New music out we off him!" Assumedly, Meek is referring to Pennsylvania's governor Josh Shapiro, with whom he collaborated on the state's probation reform efforts last year.

Akademiks didn't seem to be impressed by his decision to delete the tweets, specifically because of who told him. "N***a was just talking bout he finna ready to die bout his issue wit me now said some old white governor convinced him not to," wrote Akademiks. "Not his family not his friends a white governor. embarassing. This is how he lost that beef to Drake all tweets."

Summarized tweet by DJ Akademiks poking fun at someone pretending to be a superhero gangsta, gaining significant engagement
Screenshot of a tweet from DJ Akademiks discussing someone's reaction to a six-month jail sentence and internet critics
Tweet from Meek Mill discussing a governor's call and new music release link, mentioning rap feuds and undercover activities
Tweet from Akademiks mocking an older person's attempt to understand youth culture and music, with a response tweet from Meek Mill about informing a governor on new music
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All the drama surrounding Meek comes just as the Philadelphia rapper dropped his new five-track EP Heathenism, with features from Fivio Foreign and Future. He has accused Akademiks of attempting to bury the project under speculation regarding his sexuality.

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