Looks Like Ludwig Göransson Is Already Working on That Upcoming Childish Gambino Album

Hopefully it drops this year.

Donald Glover and Ludwig Goransson.

Image via Getty/Dimitrios Kambouris

Donald Glover and Ludwig Goransson.

During a new interview with Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision, Donald Glover's go-to producer, Ludwig Göransson, seems to already be hard at work on the next and possibly final Childish Gambino album. At the start of the interview, it's casually mentioned that Göransson is working on producing the new album alongside Glover.

Having just signed with RCA, it makes sense that Glover and Göransson have been hitting the studio. Now that Atlanta season 2 and Solo: A Star Wars Story have both wrapped, Glover probably has just enough time to get working on the album between the extensive media tours he'll inevitably have to go on for both projects. 

However, despite confirming that he was going to work on another project not too long ago, Glover does say that he's retiring the Childish Gambino moniker after this album. "I like endings, I think they're important to progress," he explained of the decision. Now that he's supposedly back in the studio and Göransson is by his side and not preoccupied with scoring Black Panther, hopefully 2018 will see Glover release new music.

The core of the interview Göransson sat down with Heat Vision for touches on his work on Black Panther, which he scored after director Ryan Coogler approached him. "I was incredibly excited as it was a dream of mine to score a superhero movie," he said of the experience. "I also felt incredible pressure to pay homage to African culture and its traditional music. It’s not lost on me that I’m a Swedish guy from one of the coldest countries in the world."

Undertaking the film seems like it was an overwhelming task, but he was definitely up to the challenge. “I remember the first director’s cut was four hours long, but I already had a lot of material written and recorded. So, I actually scored the four-hour cut of the film. Which is really great.” As for whether we can expect to hear him composing another superhero film in the future, he says he "would love to."

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