Lizzo Explains Her Friendship With Adele and Calls Her a 'Ghetto B*tch Like Me,' Confirms She’s in Relationship

In a new interview with Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM show 'Radio Andy,' Lizzo spoke about her friendship with Adele, who she called a ghetto b*tch."

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In a new interview with Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM show Radio Andy, Lizzo spoke about her friendship with Adele, which you can check out in the clip up top. 

Lizzo, who has been friends with Adele for some time, told Cohen that the UK singer offered her support in the run-up to her Saturday Night Live hosting gig. 

“We’re both Tauruses, and when we’re together, the decibels of how loud we get with our laughter is incredible. We really are super similar and we don’t really fuck with too many people, but we fuck with each other,” Lizzo said. 

“It’s so funny… At SNL, she texted me. I hadn’t heard from her in a minute, ’cause you know, life,” she continued. “But I was looking at her photo ’cause it’s right outside the dressing room, and she texted me and was like, ‘I hope you kill it this weekend, babes.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my God! I’m looking at you while you…’” Adele hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live in late 2020, although unlike Lizzo she didn’t pull double-duty as a musical guest.

“So she’s so supportive and she really believes in me. She’s fucked with me for years,” Lizzo added. “I met her at a Grammy party. I think it was Mark Ronson’s Grammy party years ago and she was like, ‘Oh my God!’ and I was like, ‘This is fucking Adele!’ I like her. She a ghetto bitch like me.”

As she told People last year, Lizzo said they initially met at “a birthday party or a Grammy party,” which she noted she couldn’t remember at the time because “I was drunk at both.” 

As for her personal life, Lizzo was spotted out in Los Angeles with a mystery man in February. The photo, which was taken on Valentine’s Day, showed the man dressed in all black with most of his face covered. Cohen asked Lizzo if they were still together, which she confirmed that they are. 

“Yeah, whatever, yeah,” she said. 

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Watch Lizzo talk about her mystery man in the clip above. 

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