Joey Badass: 'Rap Is in a Very Trash State’

The NYC rapper took to Twitter to give his thoughts on the current state of rap music.

Joey Badass

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Joey Badass

Joey Badass has always been very vocal about the state of hip-hop, offering his thoughts through his Twitter as well as his own music. He's even got a new podcast on the way through Tidal, titled 47 Minutes. The podcast is set to see him talk about "hip-hop, politics, spirituality, and whatever the fuck else I want." Before the podcast has even arrived, though, he's taken to Twitter to reveal what he thinks about the current state of rap.

Earlier today, Joey tweeted, "Rap is in a very trash state rn with very few exceptions that don't even get the love and attention that they deserve." He continued, tweeting, "Like where's y'all ni**as souls at??? Music is the most influential force in the world. Pay attention to what's being over saturated. It says something about the generation. Sound is vibration." 

Joey finished the series of tweets with a possible joke, tweeting, "Ok goodnight I'm gonna go make a trap record." Of course, he could be entirely serious in that regard, but judging from his thoughts on the current state of rap that seems unlikely. Joey has promised that he has a lot of music on the way later this year, though, so we won't have to wait too long to find out if he was serious or not.

Earlier this month, Joey revealed that he had a "Collaboration Tape" on the way with XXXTentacion. It's unclear as to when we can expect to hear that, but with X's continued legal issues pertaining to a case regarding the alleged assault and abuse of a pregnant woman, it could take a while.

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