Hitmaka has responded to Hit-Boy’s diss record he teased on social media, which also took aim at over producers including Southside and Metro Boomin.

In a comment shared on HipHopDX’s Instagram post on the diss track, Hitmaka gave his thoughts on the whole situation after he initially claimed he got more radio play than Hit-Boy. “All I said was he ain’t making radio/mainstream shit and he dissed us on a beat that won’t never touch mainstream or radio,” he commented. “Solidified my statement.”

A comment from Hitmaka on Instagram
Image via Instagram

Metro Boomin, meanwhile, appeared to share a more subliminal diss on Twitter by sharing a screenshot of lyrics from Kendrick Lamar’s “Rich Spirit.” “Stop playin’ with me ‘fore I turn you to a song,” reads the lyrics in the screenshot, which Metro shared after Hit-Boy’s diss picked up traction online.

A tweet from Metro Boomin in apparent response to Hit Boy
Image via Twitter

In the clip of the Hit-Boy track, the producer and rapper took aim at Hitmaka and several other big name hip-hop producers. "I don’t really know dude he seem like a cool cat/But I never once heard Metro Boomin do boom bap," he rapped in the clip. “I never heard a Southside beat without an 808 in it/HB in drunk-driver mode, I swerve in every lane with it." In his bars about Hitmaka he referenced his former name Yung Berg. "I just seen Yung Berg spoke on the wave, I should do him like Trick Trick and snatch Hit out his name," he rapped.

The situation all started after Hitmaka appeared on Hot 97 with Ebro Darden and said he’s more popular than Hit-Boy. “See, but I’m on the radio; Hit-Boy’s not on the radio,” said Hitmaka. “Nah, I love Hit-Boy. Hit-Boy’s a legendary producer, he’s been doing it way longer than me, he’s a great guy. But I’m keeping it a B, though... if you play the soundtrack to your life for the last four or five years on radio, I know it’s gotta be frustrating for him because my name is so similar, my brother.”

On Friday, The Alchemist and Hit-Boy shared “Slipping Into Darkness,” where Hit officially name-checks the producers on wax. You can listen here.