Fabolous Shows Off the ‘Struggle Meal’ He Cooked Up: 'Don’t Look That Bad'

Across a series of posts he made to social media, 44-year-old Brooklyn rapper Fabolous shared what his version of a “struggle meal” looks like.

Rapper Fabolous in a Getty Images picture by Prince Williams.

Image via Getty/Prince Williams

Rapper Fabolous in a Getty Images picture by Prince Williams.

Across a series of posts made on his Instagram Stories, rapper Fabolous shared his version of a “struggle meal” despite his wealth.

Fabolous is known for sharing some of his extravagant purchases on his Instagram from time to time, and just recently he shared a photo of a dinner he had at NOBU. The man clearly does not need to rummage through his cupboards to piece together a meal, but that hasn’t stopped him from opting to do so.

“Decided to try to cook something,” he wrote alongside a picture of his ingredients, which included salmon, Top Ramen, and some pre-packaged vegetables. “My struggle meal don’t look that bad,” he added alongside the finished product. It certainly helps that he remembered to season the salmon, though. 

This isn’t the first time Fabolous has had a viral moment this year, as he was filmed eating in the middle of a Jamie Foxx performance back in March. 

Fabolous just casually eating during Jamie Foxx's performance 🤣 pic.twitter.com/msnwgTbGQZ

— HipHopDX (@HipHopDX) March 15, 2022

The month before that, 2 Chainz took issue with Fabolous’ decision to multitask by getting a manicure done while at the dinner table. “We supposed to be eating dinner, playboy. Whatchu doing?” asked 2 Chainz in the clip. “You gotta find time, you know what I mean?” he replied. “You gotta find time.”

Needless to say, nothing gets between Fabolous and a good meal, even if it means whipping up something himself with whatever ingredients are on hand.

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