DJ Khaled Wants to Sign Lil Pump

Khaled's We The Best Music is yet another label looking to sign the South Florida rapper.

DJ Khaled

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DJ Khaled

Earlier this month, it was announced that South Florida rapper Lil Pump has been fielding some insane record label offers following his departure from Warner Bros. Records. Reports have suggested that some proposed deals sit in the range of $8 to $12 million, and the 17-year-old rapper has since confirmed that he's not signing to any label for less than $12 million.

As he signed his deal with Warner Bros. Records back when he was a minor, the deal couldn't be ratified. His legal team has been in talks with countless major labels, and even Gucci Mane has offered him a record contract. Now DJ Khaled has thrown his name into the list of potential Lil Pump investors, posting a picture of him posing with Pump on Instagram.

"MOGUL TALK!!" Khaled said on his post. "STILL IN THE MEETING !!!! I TOLD MY LAWYER THIS IS URGENT !! Let's get this deal ! @lilpump @wethebestmusic??? LET THE LAWYERS WORK !!! Great meeting with @lilpump and his team." It's unclear if any serious talks took place or not, but Khaled is definitely eager to get Pump on We The Best Music from the sounds of things.

Pump is still without a label following the voiding of his deal with Warner Bros. Records, who initially signed the rapper and gave him a $345,000 advance for the first album in a five album deal. With his pick of countless record labels eager to get in on the action, it seems unlikely that he'll sign with We The Best or 1017, despite Gucci's insistence that Pump could "name the price."

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