Lil Pump Connects With Carnage for New Banger "i Shyne"

Lil Pump and Carnage came with the heat.

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Two weeks after sharing a 30 second clip of himself thrashing around the studio to a crazy Carnage-produced song, Lil Pump dropped the track Thursday.

Titled "i Shyne," this thing has the wild energy we're used to hearing from Pump, but on first listen it's not quite as repetitive as highly-memed cuts like "Gucci Gang" and "D Rose." Is Lil Pump evolving? Listen below. "i Shyne" will be included on Carnage's upcoming album Battered Bruised & Bloody, which is due out March 2.

The track arrives in the wake of news that Pump is fielding massive contract offers after his contract with Warner Bros. reportedly fell through because he was a minor when he signed it. A couple days later, Gucci Mane chimed in and said he wants to sign the 17-year-old rapper with an Instagram comment that said: "u name the price."

However his label situation shakes out, one thing is clear: Lil Pump is successfully carrying his momentum from 2017 into the new year. Two weeks into the year, he's already collaborated with southern rap veteran Juicy J, and the memes keep coming. Pump isn't slowing down any time soon.

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