Chika Continues Hating on Tiny’s Grandkids After Airplane Incident: ‘It’s Still F**k Your Kids’

Chika is not backing down after she angrily tweeted about Tiny's grandchildren being loud on a flight.


Chika is not backing down after she angrily tweeted about Tiny's grandchildren being loud on a flight earlier this month.

The Alabama rapper went on a rant on Twitter last week, calling a woman with a pair of children who were being loud "a stupid bitch" for taking young children on a first-class flight. It was later revealed that the mother of the children was Tiny's daughter Zonnique Pullins, who responded by denying that they were never loud enough to wake up Chika. After facing criticism for her comments, Chika was asked if she apologized and simply replied, "Why would I do that."

In further tweets, she pointed out that it apparently wasn't even Pullins with the children on the flight. "I’m not sorry for saying what I said cuz it wasn’t personal. it was venting about a scenario/stranger. Idc like that," she wrote. "Plus, shorty tried to insult me back so at THAT point, we even. she wasn’t even on the flight. it was some nanny. But anyway, not talking about it anymore. this internet shit ain’t real. Hate me if you want to, but don’t be deluded enough to think I give a frosted mini-fuck about how you feel about me. You dk me."

Twitter: @oranicuhh

Twitter: @oranicuhh

Chika suggested that her initial tweets were jokes made in frustration over the situation. "Shawty was tryna get her lick back cuz I called her and her children a plethora of names in jest," she added. "And that's why it's STILL fuck your kids. I complained (rudely) for a real reason. You and your busted ass nanny just chose to be trash & lie on the internet. Again, choke."

Twitter: @oranicuhh

Tiny came to the defense of her grandkids in a comment shared last week. "Yeah she talking about my MF’n grandbaby!” Tiny wrote. “Talking like she wasn’t supposed to be in first class or something! TF!!!!”

In the initial string of tweets, Chika said that she hoped the mother of the children would "get a paper cut between each finger."

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