Bobby Shmurda Explains Why He Thinks Joyner Lucas Is 'the Master P of Our Generation'

In an interview on 'The Party Starters' podcast, Bobby Shmurda favorably compared “I’m Not Racist” rapper Joyner Lucas to No Limit founder Master P.

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In an interview on The Party Starters podcast, Bobby Shmurda favorably compared “I’m Not Racist” rapper Joyner Lucas to No Limit founder Master P.

“The shit that I hate about the industry, is they don’t talk about Joyner Lucas,” he said around the 12:30 point of the interview. “Why the fuck don’t we talk about him?” He went on to say that Lucas is making considerable bank with his music because he’s an independent artist, but that’s also why he’s not discussed as much or headlining festivals such as Rolling Loud.

“But you know how this shit is,” he continued. “He making more money than the top five artists, as I just said he’s a making quarter… three-four hundred a month. Easy, sitting down. He got more money than, shit, the biggest rappers n***as talk about. But the fame and the money, that’s the thing… I don’t give a fuck about popularity.” He circled back around to Joyner later in the interview, around the 44-minute mark, where he praised him as “like [the] Master P [of] our generation.”

He said that Joyner Lucas only needs to pay out 20 percent of his earnings from music, which goes to distribution efforts. “N***as don’t talk about that type of motherfucker, because they don’t want a bunch of Joyner Lucas,” he added, suggesting that the music industry is afraid of artists truly owning their own material. “You got a n***a giving you two, three million dollars, he making 100 million off your song. And n***as don’t even know that.”

Following his release from prison, Shmurda notably got himself out of his record contract with Epic. He shared the news on Instagram earlier this year, and he just recently announced his first independent project, Bodboy.

Watch the full interview with Shmurda above.

Meanwhile, Lucas has since announced plans to give aspiring artists a shot at performing for his crowds at dates on the upcoming ADHD Tour. For a chance at such a slot, artists need only to sign up for the Tully platform before uploading a track they would like to perform at a tour stop. Tully, notably, was founded by Joyner Lucas and Dhruv Joshi back in 2015 and has seen continued growth in subsequent years.

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