Birdman Talks 'Messy Interviews' and Cash Money's Current Roster With Nick Cannon

Birdman appeared on Power 106 Los Angeles to chat with Nick Cannon on 'Nick Cannon Mornings.'

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Birdman has been sitting down for a lot of interviews as of late, and for his latest, he appeared on Power 106 Los Angeles to chat with Nick Cannon. The two talked about the influence of Cash Money Records, being the original "baby" in rap music, and his new film project with Chris Brown. The pair also touched on "messy interviews," indirectly referencing that infamous Breakfast Club interview Birdman walked out of.

Nick Cannon previously announced in 2017 that he was set to direct, write, produce, and star in a women's basketball film entitled She Ball. Speaking with Birdman, he revealed that that the Cash Money founder is both a producer and stars as the villain in the film. Cannon announced that they're also working on an Iceberg Slim movie as co-executive producers, although they didn't give too many details. 

Later, they covered the current status of the main Cash Money label. "Wayne, Drake, and Nicki" are the only Cash Money artists right now, he explained, before adding that Jacquees is also on the label.

"I think radio is a hell of a job," Birdman said while laughing when the subject of "messy" interviews came up. "Some people take it completely out of context. They be very disrespectful and downplay the artist. I think as an artist and as a man, first we men and we humans first. So when the disrespect come, it still a line. I think a lot of them crosses that line. I think as a man and as a person, sometimes you gotta step up and check that shit," he said, adding later, "I'm cool till' you fuck with me."

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