Asian Doll Opens Up About Losing ‘Soulmate’ King Von

For the latest episode of Taraji P. Henson's Facebook show 'Peace of Mind,' Asian Doll sat down for a heartbreaking interview about losing her ex King Von.

For the latest episode of Taraji P. Henson's Facebook show Peace of Mind, Asian Doll sat down for a heartbreaking interview about losing her ex King Von.

Following Von's death in a fatal shooting in Atlanta in November, Asian Doll has been outspoken regarding her grieving process. In the interview, she described him as her "first love" and her "first real boyfriend," adding that she firmly believes he was her "soulmate." She also discussed the moment she got the call about his death, saying she was still hopeful when she was initially told he was in critical condition.

"Actually when he had passed away, when they said he was in critical condition, he had already passed away," she explained at the 3:40 part of the episode. "Somebody from the hospital got in contact with me, one of the nurse’s daughters, and she was just was crying on the phone. She was like, ‘Asian I’m so sorry…my grandma works at the hospital, he passed away, they put an X on his bag.’ So, once they said he was dead on social media I already knew."

As soon as the news was broken to her and spread all over social media, she said her "whole world just crashed." Wiping tears from her face, she remarked that the news made her feel "broken." Less than a week before the shooting, the couple split, and she had noted she was "real hard on him" at the time. "I would think like...nah it's impossible that Von would ever go out how he did." 

Elsewhere in the interview, she explained that Von was a very loving person, and that he had himself dealt with loss earlier in the year when his grandmother died after contracting COVID-19.

As for what Asian Doll wanted to tell any rappers watching the show, she said, "You can chase this life as long as you want but this cycle, it just keeps getting repeated and repeated and repeated to the point it’s like, how many more rappers or music influencers are we going to lose until people just really wake up?"

In the rest of the episode, Henson and co-host Tracie Jade also spoke with Pop Smoke's brother Obasi Jackson. He emotionally described the moment he heard the news and said he initially didn't believe it because it was such a shock. "Me losing my own brother...I'm going through so many things," he said. "I won't be able to hug my brother again, tell him I love him again, I won't be able to see him...I won't be able to show him my accomplishments."

He also said that it's important to vulnerable. "I’m a firm believer that men, Black men too, should be vulnerable...and allow themselves to open up and show the world what they’re feeling and who they truly are," he said. "Because we’ve been suppressed, we’ve been locked up, and that’s where all these barbaric actions kind of come from. My mind can’t even grasp onto it sometimes."

Watch the full episode above.

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