ASAP Rocky Was Mistaken for Travis Scott Again at Pre-Grammy Party

For some reason, ASAP Rocky and Travis Scott keep getting mistaken for one another.


Image via Getty/Jeff Kravitz


For some reason, ASAP Rocky and Travis Scott keep getting confused with one another. Back in 2015, Scott jumped at a fan who thought he was Rocky, telling them, "Not motherfuckin' ASAP, bitch." Last year, Rocky talked about the "alleged weirdness" between the two of them with Rosenberg on Open Late. "I don't even know why we're talking about Travis Scott right now, no shade," he explained.

While he probably thought he had heard the last of people identifying him incorrectly, someone yelled "Travis" at him as he walked into a pre-Grammys party last night.

In a video of the incident, Rocky can be seen pausing for a second to see where the comment came from. Visibly confused, he then makes his way into the party as someone else yells "ASAP." Of course, there's not actually beef between the two rappers, but it's clear as to why this might cause some awkward tension. "I think Travis Scott, you know, he makes cool music," Rocky told Rosenberg. "He had a baby, I'm happy for that, it's beautiful."

In an interview with Billboard following the Grammys, Rocky gave his thoughts on the bigger representation of hip-hop at this year's show. "I’m glad that hip-hop is actually getting the credit it deserves and a lot of the hip-hop artists are being nominated for a lot of awards because hip-hop has now transcended and grown bigger than pop and now we are the pop genre," he said. "We’re bigger than that. We sell more records and everything. We're more popular."

He also explained that he was a little disappointed that he hasn't won a Grammy for any of his music videos yet. "I direct all my videos, and it's not fair when my videos are so eclectic, they're so futuristic, and most of the time conceptual to the point where it takes a lot of intel and intellect to kinda grasp what I mean. But most people get it," he said. "For those who do, I love you."

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